Can Food Play a role in Cancer

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Can diet play apart in the healing process of cancer? After chemotherapy and radiation ravage the body, the right diet becomes a part of that patients rebuilding of their health. The right diet can become a long-term plan in the preventing of future occurrences in cancer. What is the right diet? Sally Kirk

Can Diet Play a Role in Cancer?

Can Diet Play A Role in Cancer?
Diet is playing an important role in the recovery process. The person is left weak, hurting and immune compromised after chemotherapy and radiation; therefore, dietary guidelines play an important part in the rebuilding of a healthy cancer free person. The long term goal of diet changes is to prevent cancer from recurring. The American Institute for Cancer Research believes that there is a relationship between cancer and diet, body weight, and the physical activity of a person. A dietitian will discuss the right food options for that patient-the right care plan that will recommend the right diet, a high protein, enriched with fruits and vegetables and maintaining a healthy body weight. What should a cancer patient do to help maintain body homeostasis? Research suggests that diet patterns can influence both the risk of developing cancer and the risk of cancer recurrence. Maintaining a healthy body weight is a main key in prevention of some cancers. Obesity is the number one problem in all diseases and with fast foods, high sodium intake, over processed foods, and sugary sweets and drinks: this is a disease that leaves everyone vulnerable to secondary diseases. Breast cancer and prostate cancer have been linked to obesity. The right eating plan-normal body weight-exercise; can prevent a lot of diseases that are on the rise today. What is the right dietary plan to be adopted by everyone to prevent obesity and to help cancer patients to build their bodies and immune system back? A diet high in antioxidants! Antioxidants protect from cancer in many ways. They...

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