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Can Exersise Make Kids Smarter?

By sab0oo8 Jan 11, 2011 304 Words
Can Exercise Make Kids Smarter?
Greg Sabo
Period 0-1

I do feel exercise does and could make kids smarter. This article is mainly about scientist testing kids and animals to see how they react and their knowledge after exercising for certain amounts of time. In the article they prove scientifically that exercise has no real change on I.Q. and intelligence levels. Then they tested it and then made the pets and animals run some kind of test and instantly they scored went up just a little at least. Exercise I think just gets your mind working and thinking and that’s all that helps the scores. In my life I feel that when I get up a little early and do some quick activities my brain and mind are ready to think for the rest of the day. So I agree with the idea in this article.

This article I think is truly about how exercise changes and helps the life of young people and animals. I feel exercise should be at least done every other day for at least 1 hour. Usually just getting up and exercising means you miss one game of x box or you miss one TV show, but in the big picture of life it is important to exercise. To the scientific part I think exercise gives you a mind set that your mind is fresh and clear and that’s why the scientific test don’t pick up a simple thing like that. Well I do feel exercise if nothing else sets your mind set and tells you you CAN do well on the test and comprehend a lot more that without exercise. This article helped me realize a lot about exercise and how sometimes scientific test are not as accurate as what they seem.

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