Can Detroit Make the Cars Customers Want

Topics: Hewlett-Packard, HP 3000, Problem solving Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Name: Ali Anouty
MIS 310
Case study: Modernization of NTUC income:
1) What were the problems faced by income in this case ? how were the problems resolved by the new digital system? The problems faced by income:
* Income’s insurance processes were very tedious and paper-based. * The hp 3000 system experienced a total of three major hardware failures * The hp 3000 make a lot of problems to connect to such devices and did not have up-to-date information * Using COBOL is quite cumbersome and took weeks.

2) What types of information systems and business processes were used by Income before migrating to the fully digital system?

* Types of information systems used by income HP3000 and COBOL HP 3000 mainframes which were very unreliable due to frequent breakdowns that resulted to downtime, COBOL programs were also used which also encountered technical failures.

3) Describe the Information systems and IT infrastructure at Income after migrating to the fully digital system.

* After migrating to the fully digital system 500 office staff and 3400 insurance advisors could access the system anytime, anywhere. * Staff members who would telecommute enjoyed faster access to information. * Allowed opportunities to cross-sell and improve customer service. * Cut the time needed to design and launch new products which was reduced from weeks to just days using the table-driven.

4) What benefits did income reap from the new system?

* Cuts our new product launch time from months to days.
* Allows us to support agents, brokers, and customers to do online services easily. * Best system with much lower cost and short implementation time.

5) How well is income prepared for the future? Are the problems described in the case likely to be repeated? * Income is well prepared they make a revolution to make insures...
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