Can China Feed Itself

Topics: Agriculture, China, Gobi Desert Pages: 5 (1563 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Can China Feed Itself?

China has become one of the world’s most respected and developed countries in the world. Even though, in their past they were held back from releasing their unlimited potential. Only recently, have they started their Industrial Revolution and passed all of their expectations. However, with their commanding success, demanding problems followed. China is running out of food for the nation. This, obviously is a big problem, with many factors such as:

China’s population has been growing rapidly, to an extent that could affect the nation’s development. One of the areas of development overpopulation could affect, would be the food supply. Without enough food for a growing and influential country, the country would fall behind in all areas of development. The people would die of hunger. This issue was raised in 1979, and immediately addressed. The controversial solution produced, was the One Child Policy. The One Child Policy has three main factors: -One child per couple

-Delayed marriage
-Fewer healthier births rather than more unsuccessful ones
With couples having only one child, this would help reduce the population drastically. However, over the years, the one child policy hasn’t been taken as seriously as it was before. Instead of forcing the people of China to follow the one child policy, one could advertise it. One could do this by making having one child more appealing and preferable. For example, the government can make healthcare more expensive, or increase the fees of private schools, and public schools. Doing so, would mean that the parents of two children would have to pay much more than the parents of one. This, making having one child more preferable, economically. Yes, this would be very controversial, to not only the people of China, but the world. But, so is the one child policy. You can’t satisfy everyone.

Change in Diet
The diet of an average Chinese citizen has been increasing, and obviously, this affects China’s food supply. China’s food supply is running out, and a large diet, doesn’t help the situation. Mainly because, if people eat more than what’s necessary, not everyone in China will be able to eat. So what the Chinese government should do, is reduce the portions of food given out. For example, in restaurants, the government can give them restrictions, instead of serving four rice dumplings, they could serve two. Yes, it would be very likely that the restaurants retaliate with protests. But to avoid this, the government could give them compensations. Another solution could be advertising just like they do with the one child policy, encouraging the people to eat less. They could put posters up and remind people to eat less in newspapers and magazines. To persuade the people even further, the government could tell the people about the consequences and advantages of the sudden change in diet and eating less food; eating less helps avoid obesity, makes one healthier, eating less food is cheaper than eating more food etc. Also, the consequences would be; not being able to feed the nation, many would die of hunger. China would fall behind in development and this would affect the whole world, since China is a very important country that others depend on. Many Chinese would like this, because they are so patronizing, not doing this would make them feel guilty. Also, another thing to advertise would be to introduce new small tasteful foods that could be made at home, instead of eating out a lot in fast food restaurants.

Urbanisation in general is a good thing, exposing poor rural areas to industries, improving their infrastructure, improving the school education and also the healthcare. But it can also be seen as a problem. If in all the rural areas in China were to retort to urbanisation, and abandon farming, no crops would be made, and obviously, China would starve. In the rural areas of China, the majority of its...
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