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Can alternative energy effectively replace with fossil fuels

By beyamanlar Oct 29, 2013 388 Words

Can alternative energy effectively replace with fossil fuels?

‘’Fossil fuels are coal, natural gas and petroleum.’’ ( They are all organic residues. People use this for their energy, fuel and heating requirements. But fossil fuels polluting environment so much and people started to think about using alternative energy for their environment’s healthy. ‘’These alternative energy resources are windy power, solar energy and geothermal energy.‘’ ( They are renewable resources and they pollute environment so much less than fossil fuels because of that many people want to use alternative energy for their environment’s health but many people want to use fossil fuels because of alternative energy is not much common and useful these days because it needs new investments and it’s really difficult to make it common in the world. In my opinion alternative energy cannot effectively replace with fossil fuels because it’s really expensive, risky and the earth is not ready for this now.

First of all, I should say that the equipment and the system for obtaining alternative energy are really expensive and nobody will spend millions for alternative energy without big companies. And I don’t think all big companies will spend these millions for alternative energy while they can make more profit from fossil fuels easily with these millions.

About risks, everybody know that is sun doesn’t shine solar energy can not work and also unless wind blow there will be not any wind power. Although, all people always need energy. If there is not energy for only one day there will be chaos and so many diseases.

The biggest issue is the world and people are not ready for this. Because there are billions of cars, ships, machines, buildings that working with fossil fuels what will we do with them also there is not many machines and buildings that are using alternative energy. And it will take a long time for people to get used to using new vehicles.

In conclusion, I don’t think alternative energy can effectively replace with fossil fuels because of high costs, taking big risks and the unprepared world for using alternative energy.


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