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Topics: Absurdism, Pregnancy, Albert Camus Pages: 10 (4326 words) Published: October 6, 2013
By: Mark Alexis Gaspar
One if not the most horrifying topic of humanity since then is the topic of murder. Every now and then, there is a wide range of news concerning death. Either somebody watches news from the television or just simply listens from a radio. Whether one kills someone, doing the act of suicide (killing oneself), or somebody meeting an accident is still an alarming incident. What makes murder a frightening act is that death is the shadow of every murder. Whenever there is murder death, follows. This irrevocable reality called death is the one concerned with making the act of killing fear-provoking. But for some instances killing and dying is a favorable act. It becomes a favorable act for someone who runs away from the absurdity of living. One kills for one’s security, self-preservation, or just simply having the assumption that when a problem that causes anxiety will be remove everything will be just fine and things will make sense again. In our age today, one of the acts in line with murder is the act of abortion. This abortion is the activity of getting the fetus out from the mother’s womb. Someone who does not see abortion as evil assumes that fetus is not yet human. And “since no person will ever exist who will suffer for having never been born, destroying (it) before it becomes a person capable of valuing her life does not constitute any moral wrong,” this is a common alibi from a pro-abortion person. In the other hand, for someone who looks at it as an act of evil, it is an act of murder having the notion that the fetus is indeed a human. Any potential mother can commit abortion, and it is now a prominent act. Abortion is not just done by married potential mothers but even high school and even college students are dominant costumers of this act called abortion. Often, communities, groups, persons, and anyone who hates abortion blames just the mother. It is assume that the particular act of abortion is largely a decision of the mother. It is being forgotten at times that there is a role of a male participant called a partner, father or at least a potential father in the act of deciding whether one should or not to commit abortion. And if a potential mother alone decides, maybe it is because the father is gone for good with any reasons or she just cannot bear the fact that she is going to be a mother soon and the world suddenly confronts her and makes her anxious of what will happen if she continues having the child. Or what will happen if she tells somebody about her pregnancy. Also one of the reasons why anti-abortion persons and pro-abortion people keep fighting each other is that both sides do not have a common denominator of whether a fetus is human and not human. Often, antiabortion researchers talks about the welfare of the fetus and not more of the mother. In the other side, pro-abortion groups talks about more on the concerns of the mother. For a couple who did abortion, one common reason is that they “regard having a baby as huge financial burden in an already financially overburdened world.” For a couple, having a baby is not that good idea for that moment. Both of the couple partners or even just one of them sees the world as a big capitalist reality wherein everybody needs money in order to continue living and be competitive and having a baby would mean more expenses. In a world full of material competition, to save something more for the future means to use little amount of resources each day and keeping a baby is hard. Another reason why most married couples decide to have abortion is that “they are carrying massive debt and both parents have to work just to pay the mortgage. They regard children as a factor that will break the bank.” Both husband and wife have to work. This means that they don’t have time to have a baby. A woman can also commit abortion even if she is not yet married. Whether she is living in with her partner or they just...

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