Topics: African American, Target market, Target audience Pages: 4 (998 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Mini-Case Assignment
BU.420.710 Understanding Consumer Behavior
Donna L. Crane; spring 2013

Group Members:
Abhinav Ayyar
Amy Gaskins
Roberto Kuo
Xiaomeng Peng
Kun Sun
Hongshan Wang

Mini-Case #1 African American Women and the Toyota Camry

1. As a group we feel that value-expressive or identification influence is the primary influence being utilized. The goal here is to have the target market identify and internalize group values and beliefs and then act on them. The implicit belief is that Camry is part of an active, adventurous, urban lifestyle almost like a tribe or a sub-culture. Notice the strategy of showing a member of the target group using the automobile which is consistent with an identification or value-expressive influence strategy. The campaign is almost trying to portray the Camry as an ‘extension of self’.

The secondary influence is the Informational influence operating since a member of the target group is implicitly saying, “You are like me and I like this car, so you will too”. Utilitarian or Normative influence is not really operating in this campaign. There is no threat of punishment or promise of a reward by the group for compliance (buying the Camry).

2. The primary core American values (based on those values identified by sociologist Robin Williams) this campaign attempted to tap into are:

Individualism/Freedom – The campaign’s target audience was single African American women, who described themselves in terms of their individuality (self-confident, entrepreneurial) during qualitative testing. Their self-sentiment could be described in one phrase: It’s all about me. By developing an “individualistic and resilient” heroine for the campaign, Ogilvy tapped into this sentiment. The focus on self-expression and “coolness” would place them into the VALS category of Experiencers.

Achievement and Success – By creating a central character designed around the target audience’s aspirational ideal (an attractive urban...
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