Campus Recreation

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Campus Recreation
Sheer volume of participants and diversity of facilities make this an exciting area Def – a program that provides facilities and activities to those that go to school or work at a high school, college or university Intended to promote wellness and develop life long skills

Can serve the local community through special memberships or facility rentals Campus recreation gains thousands of new participants every year & loses thousands as well Participation can have a significant impact on the campus environment Approx 75% of students participate in campus rec

High campus participation can be related to higher GPA
Facilities are used to recruit student athletes and potential faculty/staff Individual involvement in has been reported to produce 3 benefits: improved emotional well-being, reduced stress & improved happiness Correctional Recreation

Role that recreation plays in correctional facilities varies but there are some standard approaches that have been used throughout North America: Access to appropriate forms of recreation should not be denied Goal of incarceration is to prepare offenders for release and since recreation is part of a normal balanced lifestyle, it must be incorporated into correctional facilities Correctional facilities have a responsibility to “work” the whole person, which involves the mental, social, physical and spiritual needs of prisoners 1. Develop acceptable outlets for stress – inmates learn to identify and practice acceptable way to relieve stress 2. Identify activities that serve as alternates to addictions – replace time previously devoted to drug use with rec activities 3. Foster interpersonal skills – learn cooperation and team work through rec programs 4. Develop a new sense of purpose – help to guide thinking and future behaviour 5. Enhanced self-esteem – positive rec activities will improve this 6. Foster new interests – provides an outlet to new experiences 7. Awareness of personal needs – recreation can provide appropriate ways to satisfy specific needs 8. Develop decision-making/problem solving skills – recreation allows participants to experience and process the impact of their decisions 9. Develop a possible career – creative skills can be identified and channelled (e.g. music, writing) Worksite Recreation

s the offering of recreational activities through the workplace Programs are offered before work, at lunch or after work
Employers have learned that the investments they make in employee health/wellness have a positive benefit financially Benefits employer in recruitment and retention of employees
Reduced health care claims
Reduced absenteeism
Enhanced business image within community
Armed Forces Recreation
Military recreation programs are founded on 7 principles:
1. Provide inclusive, creative & diversified recreation
2. Address physical, emotional & social interests
3. Making optimal use of their resources
4. Leadership development
5. Create opportunities for individual and group growth
6. Nurture partnerships with other rec organizations
7. Ensure that rec services are governed in accordance with Canadian military financial & management policies Defining Culture
Consists of 3 attributes: religion, language & social/arts activities Culture influences what we do and how we do it
Culture helps to understand our behaviours, attitudes and mindsets Multiculturalism Act (July 1988) – Commits the Gov.. of Canada to assist communities and institutions in bringing about equal access and participation for all Canadians in the economic, social, cultural & political life of the nation 1. Ethnicity Theory – Differences in leisure choices is due to ethnicity, cultural values & preferences 2. Sociodemographic Theory – Differences in ethnic group participation are actually due to differences in age, education & income 3. Opportunity-choice Theory – Considers leisure participation to be influenced by both ethnicity & sociodemographic factors Aboriginal...
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