Campus Issue Paper

Topics: Rooms, Sound, Dormitory Pages: 2 (845 words) Published: April 11, 2011
A major campus issue that Charleston Southern University residents are dealing with is the levels of noise in the residence halls. This distraction affects students during their studies, sleep and quiet time. Charleston Southern residents were asked in a survey pertaining to the noise levels in the dorms unanimously answered that when studying, the noise levels are distracting. When the students were asked on a scale from one to ten, (one being that noise does not affect resident’s dorm life and ten being that the noise level is out of control), about how affective the noise levels are in the dorms while studying, sleeping, and quiet time; all of the resident’s answers ranged from seven to ten. A female resident was asked her comments on the noise in the dorms she stated, “The noise is very disrespectful, too loud anytime, day or night.” Another resident was asked the same survey question and replied, “The noise level is way too loud makes it impossible to focus on studies, we are mature adults, it is ridiculous that my hall mates cannot respect the rest of us on the hall.” When surveying male students that reside in the quads a student stated, “The noise levels in the quads are not as severe as the levels in the actual dorm building because they are set up where noise can travel farther due to the large amount of space in the middle, which is where the yard is located.” This being said, it is harder for the males of Charleston Southern to have issues on noise levels, when their housing arrangements are set up as open as they are. Another problem with these noise levels, are disrespectful people. There is a rule in the residence halls, stating that “quiet hours” are to start and be effective as of midnight every night. However, many people think that this rule does not pertain to them. Several nights around 12:30 or 1 in the morning, ladies will come in from outside, and head to their room. But as they are walking through the halls they talk loudly and...
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