Campus Computer Labs: The Issue at Hand
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Campus Computer Labs: The Issue At Hand

As a student at Prince Georges Community College I like to take full advantage of all the resources available to me since at the end of the day I am paying for them. This sometimes includes staying a few hours on campus and doing my work instead of waiting until I get home to do it. One major problem that I encounter on a daily basis on the PGCC campus is the campus computer labs. I can never walk into computer lab without leaving out due to it being over crowded, little or no staff being around to help, or computers not working. As a PGCC student I believe this is a huge issue that really needs to be taken more seriously.

On a daily basis I encounter a number of issues on the PGCC campus but the one that affects me the most is the problem with the computer labs. When I know I have to complete an assignment on campus I get an instant headache. Not because I have to do the work but because I know the hassle I have to go through to find a computer lab that isn’t overcrowded and actually has computers that are working. Ashlee Davis, a current student here at PGCC also agrees that the computer labs here on the campus are a big issue. She goes on to say that, “When it comes time to use the campus computer labs she always find herself going to one lab and leaving or either waiting close to 15 minutes for an available computer.”Just like Ashlee, most of the times when I leave one computer lab to find one that is less crowded, I find myself waiting longer for an available computer. In most cases if I know I have to complete work on campus I try to come early in the morning when less people are on campus or try to leave one of my classes a little bit earlier to beat the rush, but even then I always wind up waiting. Though PGCC is not a large campus I believe that they should have more computer labs available for students as well as staff to use while on the college campus. To most people the overcrowded computer labs on campus

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