Campfire, Adirondacks by Winslow Homer

Topics: Painting, Tree, Landscape art Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: December 8, 2008
Campfire, Adirondacks
The painting titled Campfire, Adirondacks was painted in 1892 by an American landscape painter Winslow Homer who is considered one of the foremost painters in 19th century. The interesting fact that I learned about Winslow is that he never got the formal artistic education that most other artists get before they start they career, because of his wealth status. I also learned that at his older age he liked to live in seclusion and away from people.

The subject matter of the painting is secular and not religious because there is nothing in the painting that would depict it towards the religious side. It is a landscape painting that includes an older man sitting by the roots of a giant overturned tree. It is a concrete piece that is more realistic than idealized and also very naturalistic in my eye. The man is holding a rifle in his hands; he’s wearing a hat, and has big black boots on. He seems to be tired or has his eyes focused on something below. There are all kinds of colors in this piece but I would have to say that there are more cool colors. The light seems to be coming in from the top middle of the painting behind the clouds, as if the sun was coming out. The painting gives off calm and a joyous feeling from the perspective that the man looks relaxed behind the tree.

The artists’ use of dark and light colors makes the painting more energetic and vibrant it draws you to look closer into the scenery. The painting welcomes you to view it from up-close to notice the brush strokes that look simple but still very precise. The space is deep and the artist used up the entire painting on the scenery leaving no emptiness. There are some noticeable lines on the tree trunk that seem to help make it look more detailed and precise. The shadowing helps to make the piece more energetic but still peaceful. It is not a crowded painting nor is it chaotic as it presents peace and a feeling of joy.

When you first glance at the painting, the...
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