Campbell Soup Company

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Leadership Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Question 1.
Visit Campbell’s Soup home page at Click on “Governance” and then “Code of Ethics for the CEO and Senior Financial Officer.” What leadership concepts presented in this chapter are illustrated in this code? Is this code consistent with the presentation of Douglas Conant in the Learning from Experience feature? Explain.

Campbell Soup Company is committed to conducting its business in compliance with the law and the highest ethical standards. The Code of Ethics for the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Financial Officers (the “Code”) summarizes the standards that must guide the actions of Campbell’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Controller, and the members of the Chief Financial Officer’s Financial Leadership Team (collectively, the “Senior Financial Officers”). While covering a wide range of business practices and procedures. Douglas Conant says, leadership is craft and a leader has to work at it and the leadership model that he has is behavioral. In his presentation he focused on what leaders do and behave with their subordinates and how they do it. Two elements play role in achieving work’s goal , which are superiority and amount of work that is done. So Code of Ethics for the CEO and Senior Financial Officer at Campbell’s Soup is consistent with the presentation of Conant.

Question #2
Review self competency feature on Colin Powell’s lessons in leadership. What statement in the feature reflects “high consideration” and what statement reflects” high initiating structure”?

One of Powell’s’ self competency is his confidence and to convey that confidence to his people is absolutely critical for trust building. He has high consideration for his employees as we see in his statement “ I’ve always tried to make sure the followers understood the opportunities , risks and dangers and why it was important to move forward. Also when he said “ I always tried to make a...
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