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in convenience stores. "Campbell,s recognizes changing

Traditional companies such as Campbell,s are constantlytry_
ing to come up with new product offerings that will appeal to the ever-changing nature of consumer markets. \A4tile Camp_
bell's maintains its position as the market leader for canned, condensed soups, it has found the size of that market shrink_ ing in recent years. But thanks to Carl lohnson, chief strate_

gl,officer of Campbell Soup Co., the company is introducing
new products that are propelling a surprising turnaround at
a 57 billion company that has long struggled for growth.
Lifestyle changes in today's world have given rise to shopper classifications knor,rm to industryinsiders as,,grab andgo,,,i im_ mediate consumption," and "cook and carry.,,Given the activi_ ties that people are engaged in today, they are less and less likely to sit dolrm at home and eat a prepared meal. One might think that opening a can of soup, pouring it in a dish, and heating it in a microwave would not be too much work for the average

consumer in today's world. However, the fact that traditional canned soups are not seeing the growth they once enjoyed is a good illustration ofjust howfickle consumers can be.

Among Campbell's new product offerings is the Soup at
Hand line. Sometimes, the success of a new product can be
as simple as changing the container of the old product. So,
rather than a traditional can, Soup at Hand soups come in
single-serving, contoured, high- density polyethylene con-

tainers. Easily removable pull-ring metal tops make the
soups instantly microwavable right in their containers. A
plastic sipping cap, similar to those found on fancy lattes, fits neatly on top and allows for hot soup to be carried and sipped without spilling. And of course, this new container fits in any cup holder found in your average car.

Among other new offerings from various packaged
foods companies,...
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