Campbell Respect Spells Loyalty

Topics: Customer service, Phil McGraw, Customer relationship management Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: December 26, 2006
Campbell – Ewald: R-E-S-P-E-C-T Spells Loyalty

1.Recap and Analyze the Relevant Facts - In the last twenty years there has been a disconnect between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty. For this reason Campbell-Ewald studied one aspect of the disconnection: Respect. This research resulted in the identification of Five People Principles: •Appreciate me: Customers should feel appreciated.

•Intentions do not matter, but actions do: What a firm actually does is more important than what it says. •Listen, then you will know what I said: Companies that truly listen to their customers have the ability to adjust their plans. •It is about me, not about you: What the customer needs is more important that what firms needs. •Admit it, you goofed!: The customer deserves an apology when the firm fails; even the failure is not the firm's fault. SWOT Analysis

Root Problem: Published research indicates 60% of Customer Relationship Management (CMR) initiative does not meeting user expectations; in addition 55% of these programs are not delivering positive ROI. This may be due to the fact that often such initiative is assigned to the IT group in a firm; the group has the least contact with the customer.

Generating and evaluating Alternatives: The group were agree that the loyalty is about personal relationship not technology, so they read Dr. Phil McGraw, Steven Covey, telephone survey, the company wanted to research the reflect in their clients and how the respect translate differently in the different sectors

Choosing an alternative: The Company chose to be partner with research company Synovate to conduct 12 focus groups, 4 each in three sectors: insurance, airlines, and retail, focus group were conducted with adult men and women in both Chicago and Detroit. Measurement question were develop that would clarify the core motivational drivers in each category.

Implementing the Plan: Attitudinal statement were develop that would clearly define parameters...
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