Campbell and Fiske

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Campbell and Fiske

Campbell and Fiske
Psychology is the scientific study of the mental capability and behavior with the aim of creating an understanding of different groups of individuals, both human and nonhuman, in the society. In psychology, constructs refers to ideals or variables that is impossible to quantify since they do not possess any measurable attribute. Motivation, intelligence anger, personality, attachment, love and fear are some example of construct. Personality psychology comprises of characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that shapes a person. One of the most prominent issues in personality psychology is the measurement of personality construct. This paper aims at looking into the measurement of construct with regard to multitrait-multimethod matrix developed by Campbell and Fiske and other single methodology. The multitrait-multimethod (MTMM) matrix is an approach for the examination of Construct Validity. It was developed by Campbell and Fiske (1959). According to Campbell and Fiske, there are six major considerations when examining a construct's validity through the MTMM matrix. The six considerations are as follows. The first consideration is the evaluation of convergent validity, which is used to design tests that measures and shows how construct relate to each other. The second consideration is the evaluation of divergent validity. In this case, the construct being measured by a test should not correlate highly with different constructs. The third consideration is the trait-method unit whereby each test used in construct measurement is considered as trait-method unit. The fourth is the Multitrait-multimethod whereby more than one trait and method must be used to establish discriminant validity and the relative contributions of the trait or method specific variance. The fourth consideration is the truly different methodology: When using...

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