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Campbell Tomato Soup
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-Executive Summary-
The Campbell Soup Company is the world’s largest soup manufacturer in the world. In 1897, the Company created their first product, Campbell Condensed Tomato Soup. The White and Red cans are now the most famous brand of tomato soup in the United States and around the globe. Through this product, the Campbell Soup Company is targeting all kinds of populations, from families to the working people. With an average of 90 cents per can, this tomato soup is a cheap product and accessible by everybody. The Campbell Tomato soup can be found in any grocery store, gas station, Internet, and even more. The Campbell Company is promoting the tomato soup with many commercials and advertisements with the corporation with different television channels, such as Nickelodeon. The Campbell Company is doing corporation social responsibilities by selling the can with promotion for Earth Days or even for Susan G. Komen’s “the cure” for breast cancer. The Company donates to many foundations just by selling their soup’s can. At this time, the Campbell Tomato Soup is not simply a can. This object is also considered as Art. The artist Andy Warhol has used the iconic can for many of his works for more than 40 years. In the following pages, the marketing mix is identified for the Campbell tomato soup product. The product, place, price, and promotion’s characteristic of the product are analyzed and described for each section.


Campbell Tomato Soup: Campbell’s Condensed Soups:

The metal can is half red, half white, with the logo “Campbell’s’ condensed” on the top and “Tomato Soup” on the bottom. In the middle, there is an emblem that reads “Paris International exposition 1900”. The classic can contain 305g, or 10,75 OZ of tomato soup. Campbell’s company has produced this soup since 1897. The Campbell Condensed Tomato Soup is one of their first and most popular products. The market target is family oriented. “It’s a simple way to warm up mealtime for your family- anytime” (Campbell’s, Welcome). The Tomato Soup is a product that everybody uses, from 7 to 77 years old. The family is the biggest target because this product is easy to cook and most kid’s and teenagers like tomato soup. On their website Campbell’s highlights the Condensed Tomato Soup as being the family favorites by emphasizing “The tangy zest of Tomato” (Campbell’s, Welcome). The company presents its soups as being products that never get old, which you can remind of their great taste, and also that appeal to a warm family

atmosphere. “They are the flavorful, wholesome Campbell’s classic soups you grew up with; they are just delicious as you remember: “Treat your own family to the delicious soups you know and love. These delectable long-time favorites are sure to be a huge hit at home. After all, times may changes, but greats soups never go out of style!” (Campbell’s Welcome). Perhaps everybody in the United States has, at one point or another in their lives, eaten Campbell’s tomato Soup. Education, age and sex do not affect the market. However, lifestyle can affect the market. People that drink soup, usually live where the weather is cold; so the Southern population will probably drink less soup than the northern population. Moreover, as a nutriment, the tomato soup is not a product that athletes will consume regularly. Nutrition content from the Campbell’s company website (when you click on the product “tomato soup”). Campbell® Condensed Tomato Soups:

Nutrition Facts: based on 2,000 calorie diet
Amount Per Serving (serving size) = 1/2 cup condensed
Calories 90 Sugars 12g Protein 2g Total fat 0g Sodium 710mg Vitamin A 8% Vitamin C 10% Total Carb 20g The condensed Tomato soup is rich in...
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