Campari Case

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Supply chain management Pages: 3 (584 words) Published: March 24, 2013
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* What are the functional areas in the supply chain function and which is the guiding element of the whole function?

* What may be the advantages and the disadvantages of a stable production cycle producing batches of large dimensions?

* How do Campari's distribution flows work and which logics do they satisfy?

* What is the role of customer service and what do the people involved in this function do?

* How does the online auction system work?

* The functional areas in the supply chain of Campari are:

Procurement of materials
Production: sites where the products are made and ready to the first delivery, to the distribution center there are 13 all over the world. Logistics and transports: that is probably the guiding element of the whole supply chain. A huge products portfolio let Campari’s group to focus the attention on the distribution process. It is split in two different channels, the modern one (GDO, DO) and the traditional one (wholesalers, liquor stores and day and night). Certain areas let Campari to distribute its products directly to customers such as disco for spirit segment or directly to restaurants for Wine segment (i.e. Sella & Mosca). Distribution strategy so is fundamental to GARANTIRE a constant and efficient position and to be close to customers. For this reason Campari group in Italy decide to outsource this process of supply chain. In fact the central distribution center is owned by ‘’Gruppo Zanardo’’. As Donatella Rampinelli, Customer management director, highlight ‘’ the choice to outsource the distribution process in founded on logics of efficiency and EFFICACIA. Until 1991 distribution process was owned by Campari but this generate very high cost for the company so starting from 1995 they decide to outsource the process (also more focused in GDO channel) and this permit also to maximizing the effect on warehouse...
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