Campaign Rhetoric

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Composition Project 1: Campaign Rhetoric

With one of its major focuses on both textual and visual rhetoric, English 102 invites you into an in-depth analysis of how text and image work together. In politics, product advertising, education, business, and many other contexts, we see words, pictures, and even sound coming together in campaigns to send messages to their audiences. Your increasingly sharp ability to analyze the rhetorical situations of such campaigns not only contributes to the strength of your communication, but it also helps to strengthen your ability to “read” and critique the world around you. This first project invites you to analyze, evaluate, and create an evidence-based argument about a campaign that interests you.

Steps in the Process
Like any authentic research project, you’ll begin with inquiry: What do I know? What don’t I know? You’ll use research to get to know some campaign(s) in the media around you: Web, TV, print, radio, mobile phone. Once you’ve done that research, you’ll 1.Choose a campaign: an anti-drug campaign for teens? A local Senator’s campaign for re-election? Starbucks’s line of seasonal coffee drinks? A university’s recruiting campaign? 2.Identify the rhetorical situation: the communicator, audience, message and purpose, context 3.Analyze its rhetorical strategies

4.Use this analysis to make an evaluative argument about this campaign

Your Audience
Your instructor and your peers are part of your audience. But the message you send with this analysis is likely to be of interest to audiences in and out of your field. Thus, it is up to you to decide who you want your audience to be, based on your purpose, message, and context.

Depending on your audience, purpose, message, and context, this composition may take any one or a hybrid of textual forms: e.g., an opinion piece, a letter, a memo, a report, a blog.

Research and Evidence:
Your composition will draw on at least one form of primary research...
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