Campaign Planning Brief

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The Campaign Planning Brief – Country Road Bags| 2010
The campaign planning brief provides an overview of the marketing program which will be used in this year’s up and coming Country Road bag campaign. This brief will also cover and enlighten the potential ways in which Country Road will approach their target audience and its large university student market.| |

University of Technology Sydney – 24510 Advertising Research Kohei Himura - 10732307

Table of Contents
Marketing Objective3
Communication objective3
Target Customer Description/Profile3
Barriers to purchase4
Important and Unique Benefit Claims4
Customer Motivations5
Principal Competition/Competitive Offers5
Current and Desired Perceptions6
Creative Strategies and Tactics6
The Customer Promise6
Tone and Manner7
Other Marketing Communications’ Activities7
Response and Monitoring Measures7

Marketing Objective
Country Road has simple marketing objectives, which is easy to follow and can be very achievable with the current barriers and target market which is presented for the Country Road bags. This includes the following; * Create an image to gain positive attitude amongst the target audience, hopefully allowing Country Road to increase market share by 10% * Inform target audience about features and benefits of our product and its competitive advantage, leading to a 25% increase in sales in one year. * Decrease or remove potential customers' resistance to buying our product The objective listed above to occur in 1 years time from the start of the campaign Communication objective

As established through the thorough research conducted on Country Road bags, the product has already had a lot of exposure and the target audience is very aware of the existing product and brand. Knowing this the Country Road bags will be conducting an attitude based campaign, which will allow the campaign to be more successful as the target audience is aware of the prestigious brand Country Road and its pre-existing popularity prior to the campaign. As a company we also wish to create an absolute need and want to the target audience as it is a high involvement – transformational brand attitude product which therefore will provide the buyer a transformational motive to buy the product as it is adding positive to their lives. (Socially, functionally etc.) Besides the attitude change and formation, the objective will also be to maximize market share by changing the target audience’s desires with competitor (Esprit) and substitute bags (Woolworths Green bag), therefore creating a favorable predisposition before a purchase decision to be conclusive. Target Customer Description/Profile

The targeted customer description/profile for the Country Road bags is for starters can vary from any brand loyal customer to a brand switcher. This is because of the high brand recognition/quality of product offered by Country Road to keep the brand loyals, and the low affordable price range offered to keep the brand switchers happy. Country Road’s bags as already been established through research is a product which is going to be targeted specifically to the undergraduate university students. The student in this case can be both males and females as the product is unisex, and as time goes, trends come and go so we wish to target pupils who are very trendy and are deemed popular from their peers, or have the desire to create an image for themselves through the transformational purchase in which they will create first impressions do the talking. Barriers to purchase

Companies often desire to sell products which can be bought by anyone and are functional to anyone. But this cannot be achieved to a rate of 100%, there are several different factors/reasons which may restrict a purchase differing from company to company. But in Country Road’s case the following factors create barriers to purchase, including the following; Price...

References: DR. G BELCH, DR. M BELCH ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION - An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective Eighth Edition 2009, Pg 18-25, 42-60, 299-302, 314-342, 388-402, 424-436, 612-644
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