Campaign Critique: Coca Cola

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Campaign Critique

Coca Cola, the world’s greatest and most successful brand for soft drinks was introduced in the year 1886. Coca Cola has had a lot of memorable images/advertisements which are seen as an icon for Coca Cola. One of these images is the image of the polar bear. Coca Cola’s advertisements/print advertisements have featured polar bears from as far back as 1922 and have had a lot of memorable moments, such as in the year 1993, where an advert was released of the polar bears witnessing the northern lights. However, there is a high demand for electricity and therefore the world is now changing, resulting in the ice caps melting rapidly. If society was not to take immediate action then these adorable furry creatures (who have been the joy of Coca Cola) would soon be extinct. Now that Coca Cola’s lovable, marketing icon was in danger, it was time for Coca Cola to take immediate action. Two years ago in the year 2011, a new campaign was launched, whose objective was to raise £10,000,000 in order to aid the natural habitat of these vulnerable animals. “The money raised will go towards protecting an area in the Arctic where summer sea ice should last the longest……The money will also help WWF to study the polar bear population and habitat and help Arctic communities living close to an increasingly hungry polar bear population” (Reuters, 2013). Source for the Campaign

Scientists have claimed that “The Arctic is currently warming twice as fast as the global average and summer sea ice is disappearing at a rate of about 11% a decade” (Reuters, 2013). Henceforth, it has also been predicted that within 30-40 years all the ice would have disappeared. As a result, the polar bears home will cease to exist. Therefore, the reason for the formation of this campaign was to aid the polar bears and help them gain their home back. Thus, the image of the polar bears have helped promote the Coca Cola brand so much, that Coca Cola felt inclined to aid these polar bears. Henceforth, this would also expand and enhance Coca Cola’s public image and reputation. Previous Work with WWF/ Background information

Coca Cola have been in partnership with WWF (World Wide Fund) since the year 2007. The WWF have completed various projects for the animal kingdom, such as helping out the lives of rhinos, tigers, panda bears any many more endangered species. Both these organisations have also conversed together (in the past) in order to help protect the water efficiency in the world. Goals and Objectives

Both Coca Cola and WWF had a variety of objectives which they intended to complete including: * Raising $10,000,000
* Improving the lives of polar bears and preventing them from turning extinct * Improving the livelihoods of individuals
* Protecting the cultural heritage of local people
* Conversing a habitat for Arctic ice dependent species Target AudienceThere was not a direct target audience that these were targeted at, but rather they were addressed to the entire population. This is because the more individuals who gain access to information about this campaign will have an influence to how many funds Coca Cola and WWF raise. Strategies Developed

The main method for an organisation to succeed with a particular piece of work is by raising awareness. Raising awareness refers to alerting society about a particular issue which requires the public’s attention. Coca Cola released over three million, limited edition white Coca Cola cans (which had a graphical image of a polar bear printed onto it) in order to raise awareness and advertise their charitable work. This image is really good, as it shows what Coca Cola’s (limited edition) cans looked like. Henceforth, it is advertising both Coca Cola and WWF, the website is mentioned and it has a crucial message, which fits in with the whole purpose of this campaign. This image is really good, as it shows what Coca Cola’s (limited edition) cans...

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