Camp David Negotiations

Topics: Israel / Pages: 16 (3887 words) / Published: Feb 21st, 2011
1978 Camp David Negotiations
Alex Saldana
Proc 5840 Negotiation
Mark Long
Sep 25 2010

The international political strategy of bring together the primary leaders of Israel and Egypt for peace talks may have been a design to stop the growing tensions across the middle eastern region of the 2010. However, the outcome of the 1978 Camp David accords were the end result of a 13 day series of American mediated talks between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and have been heralded by many to say it has been the longest lasting and most effectively negotiated agreement between any Arab nation and Israel. One of the biggest political issues of the last several decades has been keeping peace in the Middle East especially with on going tension of this year. This has been a challenge even for many of our pass and present U.S. President, as well as, the middle eastern leaders across the region. As evidence, Just listen to the daily news topics as we are bombarded with issues and concerns associated with the Middle East. Israel is still a hot top topic even today. Even though the international community had made peace in the Middle East a goal, the round of talks always found a way to stall. The Camp David talk’s unforeseen outcome changed the international community to this day. The negotiations issues of that specific event are outlined in this descriptive and informative paper.
Other organization and political critics both in and out of the international negotiation arena might even question the most fundamental premise upon which the current optimal bargaining behavior is based, concerning effective interpersonal strategy and tactics used. On the other hand others might celebrate, as indeed most do, the more tangible successes of the accords. Israel agreed to trade the Sinai Peninsula for peaceful relations with Cairo, and both Egypt and Israel finished with larger US financial aid packets than any

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