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Topics: Utopia, Dystopia, Fairy tale Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Camille Rose Garcia

Royal Disorder Poison Party, 2005 painted by Camille Rose Garcia Camille Rose Garcia was born in November 18,1970 who now lives in Los Angeles where most of her creations are created. Camille Garcia is a contemporary surrealist Camille Rose Garcia in many of her painting use disney like cartoons inspired by Walt Dysney and child nursery rhymes and turns them into creepy gothic like cartoons stuck in a fairytale wasteland. She uses dark colours and sad colours in her paintings to give it a subdued and eerie feeling. But Camille's paintings do not come across as angry paintings they are just controversial paintings that hide a meaning behind them about capitalism and her feud with the ideal of a capitalist utopia. Camille Garcia's paintings are all based off her childhood. When she was little she used to live next to Dysneland.

Camille Garcia gets her inspiration from children's stories she collects them and uses them as subject matter for her inspiration for her dark paintings. '' The Royal Disorder Poison Party'' painting was originally just created for the ''Plan B'' show in Los Angeles, this is a gliclee painting it also has hand applicated glitter on the archival paper. In many of her paintings we see sad characters all upset, or creepy looking this dystopian wasteland represents the deception within in an Empire.In her paintings, a hint of an evil look on the witches face holding a pill. In her paintings we see a lot of influences from her childhood memories such as living near to Disneyland which connects with her use of Disney characters, and the cottage that we see represents her trips to go and see her grandparents in the Redwood Forests of Northern California. Through her paintings we discover the underlying meaning of them. Her dystopian society is based on Los Angeles and the

culture within the place. Through her paintings we see that pill popping and maybe a hint of violence occurs rarely and is seen in many of her...
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