Cameron Brain Tumors

Topics: Cancer, Brain tumor, Oncology Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Article Review & Critique
Stephanie Benitz
March 19, 2012
Sandra Hayes

Cameron Brain Tumors
Cameron, a town located in the northwest region of Missouri, an outbreak of brain tumors swept across the surrounding four counties. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) report, “there is not a clustering of brain tumor cases or deaths related to brain tumors evident in the Cameron area” (Donnelly, 2010 pg. 2). Based on this final report on the brain tumor investigation, DHSS found no real environmental factors for the cause of the cases. The Cameron residents feel the state has not been aggressive enough on this health care issue. This investigation gathered that “49 people were diagnosed with primary cancerous tumors from 1996 through 2008” (Donnelly, 2010 pg. 2). These numbers cannot be ignored or denied. The Cameron residents are responding with apprehension and disdain due to the lack of support from the state health officials. It has been difficult for this issue to be investigated, when many of the regulators remain firm that all environmental factors were found to be “above the (acceptable) standard” (KMBC, 2008). Much of the community has voiced their opinions. Take for example, Catherine Frasher the wife whose husband is recovering from surgery to remove his brain tumor. She stated that “it is frustrating at first. When we found out there were four (brain tumor cases) in our neighborhood, that was the turning point when we said, ‘We’re not going to sit down.’” (KMBC, 2008) Consequently, the community is disgruntled with the state’s reaction to the outbreak, and many are moving elsewhere due to the anxiety of the area. There is no doubt how serious this health care issue is for the town of Cameron and surrounding areas. State officials seem to have written off the possibility that there may be a link between the brain tumors that the four counties are encountering, and some other potential health risks in...

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