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Topics: Time, Term, David Lipscomb Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Case memo to the managing partner of Cambridge Consulting Group High Technology’s Group had excellent performance in past 3 years since Bob Anderson took charge. However, he has not been able to develop or evaluate his staff along with his positioning as a group head of High Technology Group of Cambridge Consulting Group. It has been a year and he has not known about the issues faced by the vice presidents and associates until now. Bob’s strengths:

1.He has a Harvard Business School graduate degree with distinction. 2.His clients are impressed with his ability to complete the projects and appreciate his and his group’s talent. 3.After he took charge as a leader of High Technology Group, gross billings and closure rate have grown by 26% compound annual rate and by 30% in three years. To avoid any reduction in the client base, the company needs to maintain the pride in serving good customer relations. For good relations, the company should continue good productivity among employees. Concerns:

1.He does not take any time to give feedback to his associates regarding their performances. Thus, they are not aware of the importance of their work. 2.Other VPs and partner are not connected with his associates and said that “We can’t incubate them; it’s a tough world out there. We need to focus more on clients”. This results in lack of motivation among associates. 3.He knows that his associates are hard working and doing good job but he does not provide them a direction which resulted in working without a goal. 4.John does not seem to offer Bob to share his burden. Bob never asked him for help. 5.Bob does not have time to think about longer-term issues explained to him by David Lipscomb. 6.Bob does not interact with his entire group regularly. This makes him unaware of any issues in the group. 7.Bob has taken too much responsibility on himself.

8.Bob does not maintain a balanced life. He does not spend enough time with his family....
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