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Camarines Norte State College School Portal for Updates

By kael03 Jan 11, 2013 642 Words

Communication is an important matter nowadays, in most Colleges and Universities School Portal is a necessity. In Camarines Norte State College main campus, establishment of School Portal will brought fast, reliable and ease in terms of information dissemination.

Study shows that in Camarines Norte State College, some of the students always have vacant time whenever they don’t know the Instructor and scheduled rooms yet, also whenever the instructor or attending the class or not. Unexpected and important meetings keep some instructors busy sometimes, that’s why instead of doing productive activities, some students were left vacant with nothing to do.

Being notified at all times is a very important matter especially to the students and faculties. Having a system wherein the faculties can have the ability to update students about their current status and give the students certain activities while they’re not in the class will be a great help for both parties. Through web based and sms notifications between students and faculties, keeping in touch with one another won’t be difficult especially when making important announcements.

The proposed topic will be used for posting important updates, news and examination schedules by sending notification through the use of internet, emails, and sms notifications to registered members. To broaden up the description, the School Portal also features Students Portal wherein registered students of the School can register and login, once the students entered their own account through student ID with password combination they can view and modify their personal profile, view significant records and documents like their grades on past and present semesters, admission records, and other specifications. The proposed topic will also lessen the need of the students and faculty to go to different offices and browse significant documents for different purposes.

Students, Faculties, and different organizations in the Camarines Norte State College will be benefited of the proposed topic. The research shows how important having notifications in certain means using mediums like internet and sms.

This study will cover the updates, news, events and examination schedule in Camarines Norte State College. This will give the update about the activity of the school and also the examination schedule. The proposed topic also features an admin account who can view the admin interface of this system wherein he/ she can update the system about the news and events of the school. Every student is required to create an account on this system for them to be updated all the time. Faculty also has an account to the said system; once a faculty is registered they can modify the password through their profile. The system has a function wherein the faculty can input the final grade of their students in every subject they holds, then students will be automatically updated at the end of the semester once they wanted to check their grades. In the system, faculty will input the name of their students per subjects and block. In addition after entering the students list they can easily view and modify their student record. If the faculty has the final grade of their student, he/ she may input the grade beside the name of their respective students. Student also can change their account password in their accounts profile. Once registered and logged in, they can view important records regarding their stay at the School. Students account will be updated and can view their final grade in this system at the end of semester. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The study sought to answer the following questions:
1. What is the level of effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed topic in solving the stated problems? 2.
In the proposed topic, the schedules of the student are not included. The remaining balance of students are not included in the update.

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