Calvin Coolidge Paper

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Calvin Coolidge
The 1920s was a boisterous, hectic time in American history. After President Warren G. Harding’s corrupt administration, Coolidge was perfect to succeed him to the presidency. He was elected President by a landslide victory during the Roaring Twenties, and he was often called “Silent Cal” because he was shy and somber. He was a republican, born and raised in a small rural New England community. He was extraordinary in politics at both the state and national levels. Coolidge was remarkably successful as president during the 1920s.

Calvin Coolidge was the oldest child of John Calvin Coolidge and Victoria Josephine Moor (Sisung 4). He was born John Calvin Coolidge (though he later dropped the John and became Calvin Coolidge) on July 4, 1872 in Plymouth, Vermont. As a child, Calvin was shy and sensitive, and often had difficulty interacting with people. He only had one sister, Abigail, who died in 1890 at the age of 15 (4). Calvin’s father prospered as a shopkeeper and a farmer. His father also served three years in the Vermont House of Representatives, and one year in the Senate, as well as many local public offices (Gilbert 7). His mother, Victoria Josephine Moor, died when Calvin was just 12 years old. Calvin attended the local elementary school in his hometown, and then started at Black River Academy in 1887, two years after his mother’s death. He also attended St. Johnsbury Academy in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, in order to qualify for admittance to Amherst College (6). He continued to Amherst, and then graduated cum laude in 1895. While he was attending college, he was very quiet and shy, and often spent his time studying, but he did join the Amherst Republican Club (6). His favorite subjects were French, Italian, political science, philosophy, and modern history (6). He also developed strong debating skills at Amherst (Howes 3). After he graduated, Coolidge worked at the law firm of Hammond and Field in Northampton, Massachusetts (Gilbert 10)....

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