Caloric Food Content Lab

Topics: Heat, Energy, Thermodynamics, Mass, Force / Pages: 3 (704 words) / Published: Apr 2nd, 2015
Keith Shearer

Lab Group 3

January 19, 2015

Is to measure various food items and become familiar with different energy units like calories and joules. Also, we will be using simple household products and follow the standard safety procedures of this lab.


First, use a digital scale to determine the empty weight of the 100ml beaker. The, you are going to fill the beaker half way with water (approximately 50ml) and weigh it again. Take the water and beaker weight minus the empty beaker weight is the net weight of water used for the experiment, and record it. Take a piece of aluminum foil and place on the table top to catch any spills, and it also can be used to reflect heat upward. Set the burner stand over the aluminum foil and place the beaker of water on top of the burner stand. Measure and record the initial temperature of water. Marshmallow: Determine the mass of the marshmallow and an empty fork. Take the marshmallow on the fork and light it using a candle. Once the marshmallow is lit and burning, hold it under the beaker of water while stirring the water with the thermometer. When the marshmallow is completely burnt, weigh the fork with the marshmallow remnants and record. Subtract the weight of the empty for to obtain the weight of the unburned marshmallow residue. Record the temperature of the water, which is the final temperature. Peanut or Walnut: It may take a while to keep them lit, so you made to move them around in the flame to get them burning. When it is well lit and burning, immediately hold the peanut under the beaker of water and occasionally stir the water with the thermometer. When the walnut is peanut or walnut is almost completely burned and the flame has been extinguished, record the final temperature of the water and determine the weight of the nut residue and record. Repeat this step using the other sample.


Overall, the goal was to measure various food items and

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