Call Centre Management Assignment

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This research paper consists on the up growing industry of call centers around the globe and the problems faces by the operation manger in call centers and discussed how there challenges are increases in contrast of traditional call centers and how the different modals help them in this uncertain and ever changing situation of call centre in new era The paper starts with introduction and then compromises on 6 sections Includes Traditional call center operations management problems, demand modulation, technology-driven innovations, human resources issues that affect call centers, call center operations with sales and marketing objectives and at the end concluding remarks starting with introduction the inbound call centers are increased in recent year due to decrease price of telecommunication and information technology .Every company is interested in providing the information and assessing the customers so they can not only gain new customers but also retain their older ones. The statistic of the world shows there is increase in call centers not in Europe but around the globe as well The quality of the service is typically viewed as a function of both how long the customer must wait to receive service and the value that the customer attributes to the information and service that is received. The survey provide the broad perspective on both traditional and emerging call centre management Call centre management: Traditional view

The traditional view on managing the call centre compromising some key point includes how many agents should be hire and at what time based on long-term forecast which also called as resource acquisition and the short term which is known as resource deployment and at the end there are further short term decision like forecast updating, schedule updating, and real time call routing . The resource acquisition decision made many weeks or month before the time of demand while the deployment decisions are made 1 0r more week advance In this section of the paper traditional view of management in call centre is discussed which are further divided in 2.1 call forecasting

2.2 resource acquisition
2.3 performance, evaluation, staffing, scheduling, and routing 2.4 basic problems of staffing, scheduling, and routing
2.5 characteristics of modern call centers
Call forecasting
Is term as the time between creation of forecast and the actual time for which forecast was made There are number of development in recent years in call forcasting depending on some key advantages like availability of historical database of call volume and adaptation of new technologies they play vital role in forecasting problems. There are number of model that is used in call centre forcasting are precisely describe in this section 1- Weinberg, Brown, and Stroud (2007).the model was valuable on operational point of view 2- Soyer and Tarimcilar (2007).based on advertisement

3- Shen and Huang (2007.

Personnel Planning: Resource Acquisition
1- Gans and Zhou(2002) in this model employees hire and experience both learning and attrition over time 2- Ahn, Righter, and Shanthikumar (2005) this model depends on hire-up-to/fire-down-to 3- Bordoloi (2004)

4- Bhandari, Harchol-Balter, and Scheller-Wolf (2007) This model show both the hiring of regular workers and the contracting of part-time workers along with the operational problem of determining how many part-time workers to deploy under different load conditions. 5- Ryder, Ross, and Musacchio (2008)

Staffing Problems
1- Erlang-A system
2- The Erlang-B system incorporates blocking of customers.
3- The Erlang-C model is further developed to incorporate customer .The simplest queueing model of a call center is the M/M/s queue, also known as an Erlang-C system. This model ignores blocking and customer abandonments The key point in any call centre is shorter the waiting time and higher the utilization of agents Gans et al. (2003) refer to such an...
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