Call Center Customer Service Quality

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The approach used in call center quality is meant to achieve the utmost satisfaction for both the Customer and the client and in the process the agent is not left out owing to our nurturing style of coaching.

Calls and cases are evaluated for both soft skills and product knowledge taking into particular account the presentation of the product to the customers which ultimately constitutes a quality product if both the Product Knowledge as well as soft skills are on point.

Agents are coached by their respective team leaders for product knowledge as well as personalization of interactions while the Quality Coach steers the whole quality process from a neutral angle to ensure that while operational demands might take precedent for the Team Managers, it is also vital that the service we give is a cut above our competitors.

In our endeavor to ensure that we are in alignment with what our customers want, the Quality Coach conducts Customer Satisfaction surveys to get first hand feedback from the customers on what they think of our service and where they suggest we should improve. Mystery Shopping is also conducted whereby the training department is used to call the call center with the sole aim of getting the feel of what service our customers are getting, this kind of feedback from an experienced perspective is al very helpful in identifying gaps and bridging them.

The Quality Coach also conducts Team Leader Calibrations to ensure alignment in the way management rates all their calls as well as cases. This kind of uniformity ensures consistency in the team and instills confidence in the agents in the management style. Agent Calibration is also conducted by the Quality Coach to ascertain that agents understand what we look for in quality service and also have them contribute to bettering our service delivery. This kind of approach gives the agent a sense of belonging in the sense that they feel they are part the development of the business.

The quality...
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