California River Report

Topics: Nevada, Arizona, Colorado Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: November 22, 2010
California River Report
The Colorado River has been become the main source of fresh water to the south west. It is what has turned the desert of the south west into a fertile farming area. It has brought life to Nevada and California when before it was impossible. The Colorado River is now being over utilized and if there were some unseen disaster this would put millions of people out of fresh water. They use the River as a plumbing system meaning that they channel the water and divert it all over the south west providing fresh water to thousands of farming acres. California how now over exceeded there its share of the allotment of fresh water taking in 800,00 acre-feet . With Utah and Nevada growing there becomes an ever increasing problem with supplying fresh water to California. The Colorado River pluming system is now unsustainable and jeopardized the ability support population growth over the long term. California is forced to provide a viable solution to their fresh water problems. They have proposed Plan 4.4. One of their solutions in the plan is to stop seepage of water in the canals. This will help conserver the water and not allow as much waste so that more water will reach the desired destination. Another point is to attempt to reduce the water consumption. By doing this they will require less water from Colorado River. It is still unknown what the impact of this or how this will be completely accomplished. They also plan to attempt to uses more ground water to supplement the intake from Co River. This will help understand other options to move away from their dependences.
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