California Paradox

Topics: Paradox, Expected value Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Michelle Tin
English 101 sec. 0235
12 March 2013
The Young Becoming the Old and The Old Becoming the Young
California is a place with many expectations, a land of dreams, a place of reality and a place where people come to better themselves, but its also a place with many paradoxes. In “California A Place, a People, a Dream” Rawls talks about three different paradoxes, those paradoxes being the paradox of plenty, paradox of expectations and paradox of growth. Though those are only three of the many paradoxes that surround California. I am going to discuss one my favorite paradoxes and that is the paradox of age. Most people expect others to act their own age like child acting like a child and an adult act like and adult. Basically grow with age, meaning we grow as we age and not age as we grow.

Growing up my parents have always told me stories of what it was like for them growing up in their hometown of Guatemala. Every story they have told me had one thing in common and that is that they missed out on being kids. They had to grow up rather quickly in order to take care of their siblings and learn how to be responsible. All those stories got me thinking that California has that same irony only less exaggerated. In California kids want to be adults while the adults want to be kids. From the past to the present I have seen, read and watched how kids have become more adults than kids. I’ve notice that kids have been slowly loosing their understanding of it what being a kid means. For example in the story “Of Cholos and Surfers” by Jack Lopez I read about a boy named Lenny who is only two years older than Lopez and how he quickly stopped being a kid even he still was one. Lenny used to be Lopez’s neighbor and friend he taught him how to wrestle and play army. As they got older Lenny started to change eventually he stopped hanging out with Lopez. Lenny not being more than 14 started acting like an adult starting with the way he dressed followed by...

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