California High Speed Rail

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California High Speed Rail
Michael Kimbrell
English 1
Ms. Irwin
August 21, 2011

California High Speed Rail

Looking at the California high speed rail project truly has shocked the public and makes them wonder if this is a great plan for California’s environment. “The current plan will connect San Francisco with Los Angeles cutting a six hour car ride down to two hours and forty minutes”(Souza, 2011). The train running through Kings County will take out many dairies and cut even more in half. Making these cuts will be hard for dairymen to get to their crops or feed their animals. Building the rail is a bad idea due to the fact; money will be taken from schools, it will devastate the future of California’s agriculture industry, furthermore it will not produce long term steady jobs to boost the economy. California Schools

How can broke California have money to pay for this big fancy high speed rail when schools are getting cut? “The state is looking to cut $ 1.9 billion in additional cuts and $1.5 billion by reducing the school year” (Dias, 2011). California has always been strong and pushed for better education and now the government wants to take it away for luxury items. Student’s school tuitions have gone up twenty percent in the last two years and they still face major cut backs that hurt them. The education department has taken so many hit over the last two years that there will be nothing left. Future of California’s Agriculture Industry

Current government leaders are only thinking about the current time period and not the future of the agriculture. California holds the world’s largest agriculture show which brings in millions of dollars to this area. When this train is built four thousand acres of California’s farm land will be lost. “The rail would put many farmers out of business when it took many years of hard work to be successful” (Snidever, 2011). California produces crops that feed people around the world. Destroying land that brings...

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