California Drought

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Alexis Tovar
Extra Credit: Research Paper
May 20,2015

California Drought

The topic that I decided to do my research essay on is the California drought. I though that this is a topic that effects our day to day life and it is a situation that is such a major problem and something that I never really know much about so doing this research paper gave me the opportunity to educate myself more. The definition of drought is a insidious hazard of nature. It is often reffered to as a “creeping phenomenon.” The drought varies from place to place. For example in places like Bali that experienced six days without days. California is in a situation that we have not gotten the rain that we need to support all that we use. The demand that people place on water make the effect of the drought that much more extreme. The exact definition of drought is Drought is a protracted period of deficient precipitation resulting in extensive damage to crops, resulting in loss of yield. In January Governor Brown declared a state of emergency and directed all of the state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages. This is something that has building up for years and now we are at a point where we need to try to keep what we have to survive. When doing my research it was saying that there were many causes that could be causing this. Some researchers blame it on man kind and the waste of water on a daily basis and others say that it is the climate change. In an article on it states, “California developed the infrastructure and system of legal rights it uses to distribute water at a time when the population was much smaller than it is today -- and when the climate was in an unusually wet phase, historically speaking. This led to a system that all but encourages heavy water use in dry parts of the state, with little consistency in allocation or pricing and little disincentive to waste. This has never made a lot of sense, but the new measures are the strongest acknowledgment yet that it just isn't tenable today in a serious drought.” I was in such shock when I read more that once different people were saying that this isn’t the worst to come. There is more to come and it is only to get worse. If things don’t start changing how can we even be sure that we are going to survive. The drought does not only effect us but it also affects the rest of the nation. We are going to reach a point where we run out of all the clean water that we are in need of. At that point what are our options. In an article from, it states, “Droughts historically have a way of sneaking up on California, and the extraordinary 2012-2014 drought has been no exception. Year-to-year and even season-to-season rainfall variability is quite high in this part of the world, which means that it’s nearly impossible to know whether a single dry year (or season) portends the beginning of a much more prolonged or intense dry period. Indeed–the 2012-2013 rainy season had an extremely wet start–so wet, in fact, that an additional large storm during December 2012 would likely have led to serious and widespread flooding throughout Northern California. But no additional significant storms did occur during December 2012–nor during January 2013…nor February, March, April, or May. In fact, January-June 2013 was the driest start to the calendar year  on record for the state of California in at least 118 years of record keeping. Some parts of the state saw virtually no precipitation at all during this period, which made for an especially stark contrast with the extremely wet conditions experienced just a few months earlier.” In an article on its was talking about how the drought is making its way to the west. It was saying that states in California and Nevada are experiencing the worst shortages of water since1967-1977. “17 rural communities have been providing 40,000 people in cities with water, who are facing the...

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