California Dreaming

Topics: California Gold Rush, Gold, Gold mining Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: November 4, 2006
California was once a silent and an unheard-of place. Since Mr. John Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848, the gold rush era started and California became popular. It has become a place where people expected to be successful and wealthy. For this reason, the gold finders from all over the world came to Sutter's Mill to pursue their dreams. However, many of them found that their dreams did not come true. In fact, they had to do lots of hard work that barely led to financial success. Was California a fantastic place? Could everyone have an opportunity to be successful and rich? Whether or not the “California Dream" truly existed or was just a legend, there was no doubt that there were many successful gold miners in California, but there also were many of sad stories hidden behind the “California Dream" that so many people had. The dream promises too much and cause people to become disillusioned and they failed to look at the reality. Many people fail to see that nothing can be guaranteed. The dream may not be as sweet as for everyone. People came to California during the gold rush era. Some people just wanted to look for opportunities to become successful, while some wanted a better job, education or standard of living. In the essay "California: A Place, a People, a Dream" James J. Rawls used how Stephen Wozniak and Steven Jobs started Apple Computers Company as an example of how people became successful in California. Another example he uses to support the “California Dream” inspiration was William Hewlett and David Packard. They founded a Palo Alto garage company which became one of the largest electronic firms in the nation. James thus stated that, "The list of California success is embarrassingly rich and endless" (Rawls 23). The successful stories in California gave people an illusion that it was easy to become successful here. However, there would not be much discussion about failure because it would have stopped people from coming to California....
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