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陋 室 銘 - 劉 禹 錫
lou` shi` ming’ liu’ yu^ xi-
Inscription - The Crude House" – by Liu Yu Xi


As Minister of Rites at the imperial court, Liu Yu Xi (772 – 842 C.E.) took part in the Yong Zhen Reform, which attempted to limit the power of the palace eunuchs and the provincial governors. When the Reform failed he was demoted to be a mere county administrative officer out in one of the provinces. Upon seeing that he continued to openly espouse the Reform Movement, the county head placed Liu’s living quarters in the crudest little house with only one room, contrary to existing remuneration regulations for his rank, which called for three chambers and three living rooms. Unbowed, Liu wrote this piece and had it inscribed in stone and erected outside the little house.

Lou Shi Ming is a piece of inscription that Liu Yuxi wrote to express his feelings through his residence. Liu(772 – 842 C.E.) was a famous poet in the Middle Tang Dynasty and ranked as high as Liu Zongyyuan and Bai Juyi. It describes living in a simple dwelling, following a life that is rich in character, refined in culture and learning. By praising simple house, expressing the author’s attitude of life which does not pursuit of fame and fortune.


(拼音四聲4 tones in Pinyin denoted as 1: di-, 2: di’, 3: di^, 4: di`)

shan- bu’ zai` gao- you^ xian- ze’ ming’
It matters not the height; if an immortal resides in a mountain it becomes famous.

shui^ bu’ zai` shen- you^ long’ ze’ ling’
It matters not the depth; if a dragon lives in a body of water it becomes magical.

si- shi` lou^ shi`, wei’ wu’ de’ xin-
This is a crude house; only I appreciate its fragrance.

苔痕 上 階 綠,草 色 入 簾 青。
tai’ hen’ shang` jie- lu`, cao^ se` ru` lian’ qing-
Moss ascends the steps, turning them green, and the grass’ color enters the blinds, turning them light green.

tan’ xiao` you^ hong’ yu’ wang^ lai’ wu’ bai’ ding- In talk and laughter...
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