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Topics: PHP, Starship Enterprise, Procurement Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: February 25, 2011

The group proposed a procurement system for Caldezams Enterprises. Since, procurement system is the acquisition of appropriate goods and services through internet; this will provide a more orderly system in the enterprise. This system will require the use of the PHP and mySQL that suite best in creating and using the said system. The PHP (Perl Hypertext Processor) will facilitate the use of the website, while the mySQL will be responsible for the storing of data in the respective databases. In order for this to work the customer should register first at the website and fill up the necessary information to become a member of Caldezams Enterprises, then must go to Caldezams Enterprises located in Tandang Sora. The registered member must bring a valid ID every time there will be a transaction made. The valid ID will serve as the proof of membership and for the confirmation and security purposes of the customers but also for the Caldezams Enterprise. After the registration process, the customer can now look at the availability of Caldezams’ products in the website. The order taking will take place through the website, as convenient as possible; the products are now ready pick-up. The payment of orders will be done in the store so that the rechecking of ordered items will be guided accordingly. The system will automatically compute for the points of the transactions made after the full payment is done. Every time the customer purchases products from the store, there are equivalent points that they can earn and redeem afterwards. These earned points can be chosen from the items listed on-line to avail freebies, discounts, etc. This system will be of help for both sides. In fact, there will be a lesser chance of over crowd and mistakes in taking the transactions in the store. This will also give benefits to those who applied for the membership because the latest promos and updates will be posted through internet as well.
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