Calamansi Production

Topics: Western Visayas, Iloilo, Philippines Pages: 3 (497 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Technical Description
Calamansi or calamondin (citrofortunella microcarpa) belongs to the citrus family. It is a fruit tree native in the Philippines. The tree is low set, spreading and well branched. The leaves are broad and oval and dark green to pale green on the upper and lower surfaces, respectively. The fruit is usually small and round, ranging from 3.0 to 3.0 inches in diameter. The rind may be thin or thick. Utilization

Calamansi is a rich source of vitamin C. its juice is used as a flavoring ingredient or as an additive in various food preparations. The pulp can be utilized in beverages, syrups, concentrates, and purees; whereas, the peel can be need in making jams, candies and marmalade. With its alkalinizing effect calamansi helps blood circulate energy and facilitates normal digestion. Farm Practices

Small-scale farmers of Western Visayas allot an average of 0.5ha to calamansi production. Big growers devote as much as 13 hectares. Roughly 900 to 1,000 trees can be planted in a hectare of land. Calamansi is propagated either sexually (through seeds) or asexually (through its vegetable parts). Grafting and marketing are among asexual method of propagation. Calamansi transplanting usually occurs at the onset of rainy season. After transplanting, fertilizer application is maintained. Pests are controlled through pesticide spraying. Guimaras is a major calamansi producer in Region 6. Wholesalers from Panay Island procure directly from the barangays of Guimaras based on arrangements. In some cases, the buyers bring their own harvesters or hire local workers. Specifications

For wholesale buying calamansi is green, fresh, thin-skinned and juicy. During the peak supply months, farmers sell calamansi in assorted sizes. During lean months, calamansi are classifies by size for better financial returns. The unit of measurement is kilogram. Calamansi is usually packed in sacks or in kaings of 25 kg net weight. For retail selling, calamansi is...
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