Calamansi Face Care Research

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Many teenagers nowadays often fuss and whines about their face. They are more conscious when it comes to their appearance. As teenagers, many adolescent boys and girls suffer from pimples and acne. Seeing the unwanted pimple, they buy many kinds of beauty and face care treatment which costs a lot of money. Furthermore, these commercial chemicals are often irritating to the skin and cause even worse effects to the skin.

Seeing this problem, the researcher immediately thought about a skin care remedy that not only is cheap, but less irritating and most of all, effective.

The researcher was trying to make use of cheap and easy to find ingredients for his ultimate elixir. As he was trying different concoctions and mixing loads of mixtures, he was most amazed in the effectivity of Calamansi (Citrofortunella microcarpa) and egg white mixture. He also found out that not only these kitchen regulars make useful ingredients for delicious food, but also an effective component in skin care treatments.

Now, these delectable food ingredients will be tested as a breakthrough face treatment components and might change the face of skin treatment products everywhere.

Background of the Study
As the researcher sees that pimples and acne are common face problems, he immediately thought of a cheap but effective elixir that is safe to use and not skin-irritating. He discovered the potential of Calamansi and Egg whites. Therefore, the study, Calamansi (Citrofortunella microcarpa) Fruit and Egg Whites as Face Treatment was at hand.

Statement of the Problem
This study was sought to answer these questions:
1. Are calamansi fruit and egg whites effective against pimples and acne? 2. Is it better than the commercial brand?

These hypotheses were formulated in the study:
Null Hypothesis
1. Calamansi fruits and egg whites are not effective for face treaments. 2. Commercial brands are better than the Calamansi and egg white mixture. Alternative Hypothesis
1. Calamansi fruits and egg whites are effective for face treatment. 2. The Calamansi and egg white mixture is better than commercial brands.

Significance of the Study
This study will help adolescents to cope up with their face problems. Since this study will be centered to treating pimples and acne, many teenagers can benefit in this project for they will be successful in treating common face problems.

Scope and Limitations
This study was conducted the 1st and 2nd of March, 2014. It was conducted in Dili, Gasan, Marinduque.

This study only is about treating face problems like pimples and acne. It is not applicable for some skin problems. Also, this only uses common and easy to find ingredients.

Since some people can have allergic reactions to this, the researcher suggests to use it at your discretions.

Chapter II

Calamansi (Citrofortunella microcarpa)
Calamansi, Philippine lime – this versatile citrus fruit is the secret ingredient to many mouthwatering Filipino delicacies such as pancit palabok, Leyte kinilaw, beefsteak Tagalog, and arroz caldo. One of the most basic Filipino dipping sauces is made with soy sauce and calamansi juice, called toyomansi; and a simple, yet flavorful marinade is a blend of soy sauce, calamansi juice, vinegar, pepper, and garlic. While many growers see the calamansi as tiny decorative oranges and mostly ornamental, they are finding that the trees are problem free and easy to cultivate both indoors and out. They thrive inside the house in containers, as well as planted in the ground in tropical areas and zones with only occasional mild frosts. Calamansi is the result of a rare natural cross between two closely related genera, the Citrus and the Fortunella, and carries the characteristics of both the parents. The Fortunella parent, Kumquat, lends a dense shrubby habitat, small leaves and a hardy...

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