CALAMANSI (Citrofortunellamicrocarpa) AND ONION (Allium cepa) EXTRACT AS COCKROACH KILLER

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CALAMANSI (Citrofortunellamicrocarpa) AND ONION (Allium cepa) EXTRACT AS COCKROACH KILLER

In Partial Fulfilment of the
Requirements in the curriculum
For Research II
June 2012

Chu, Gaitlin

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Acknowledgement I
Abstract II
Chapter I: Introduction 1
A. Background of the Study 1
B. Statement of the Problem 2
C. Hypothesis 2
D. Significance of the Study 2
E. Scope and Limitations 3
F. Definition of Terms 3
G. Review of Related Literature 3-7
Chapter II: Methodology 7-9
A. Research Design 9
B. Materials 7-8
C. Procedure 8-9
D. Schematic Diagram 10
E. Data Gathering 11-12
Chapter III: Results and Discussions 13-19
Chapter IV: Conclusion 20
Chapter V: Recommendation21
Chapter VI: Bibliography22
A. Budget23
B. Documentation26-24-30
C. Curriculum Vitae29-31

The researchers would like to thank their dearest friend and brother, God almighty for guiding them through the right path and to the success of their investigatory project. The researchers also would like to give their thanks to their parents, who supported them in all aspects and providing such tender care. The researchers give thanks to their loveliest mentor, Mdm. Rose for providing them with information in doing these, and molding them as a researcher and a curious person, who is ready to give their observation and their mind-blowing yet practical conclusions. Therefore, you transformed them into a person who is ready to improve the quality of life through research.


Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests. Insects, like those are a great hassle to people, being a vector transmitter of diseases.
In this study, the researchers, in order to solve this problem made an experiment that could possibly yield to a natural cockroach killer. As enough knowledge was earned to state their hypothesis, the researchers began their experiment by making 3 different kinds of mixtures comparing it to the commercialized cockroach killer.

In their conclusion, they found out that the Natural Cockroach Killer has a great potential in eliminating cockroaches. Due to the availability of materials to be used, those who would create their experiment would be able to save their money for other more important expenses.

Cockroaches are one of the most commonly noted pest insect due to their population. They are abundant in and around dwellings in temperate areas. Cockroaches are also the hardest insect to eradicate on this planet. They are capable of being active for even a month without food or can survive with even at limited resources. It is very important to avoid cockroaches since they transmit bacteria and viruses such as salmonella or locally termed as food poisoning. Since this insects feed on human, they also can serve as vectors for communicable disease transmission.

To control these pests, commercial insecticides are usually used in many households to eliminate this type of pest. But this insecticide has many disadvantages since they can pose danger in our environment which could result to air pollution. Chemicals inhaled by the person using could trigger respiratory illnesses. Hence,researchers are challenged to make their own way of getting rid of them for the good of humanity.

This study seeks the possibility of using the extracts of Calamansi and Onion as cockroach killer. The Calamansi and Onion extract as cockroach killer can be possible by botanical and chemical properties that can be naturally found within the fruits. Calamansi have a...
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