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In 2001, the California Department of Education (CDE) created a voluntary test to all tenth graders call the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) that tests students on the English language arts and mathematics. But until 2003 they have decided to make all California public high school students take this exam in order to graduate high school with a diploma. The primary purpose of taking the CAHSEE is to ensure that all students who past is prepared to achieve in life after high school. Although some people have a negative opinion on the CAHSEE due to the fact it is only testing on 8th grade math skills and 10th grade English skills, it is a fairly easy test. but shouldn’t be a conflict. The CAHSEE is a beneficial test that has its motivational experiences but also negative consequences.

The CAHSEE has motivational experiences to the students who pass the CAHSEE because they have developed grade level competency. In the letter, “A Message to Students and Parents” written by Jack O’Connell it explains that this test is a quite simple test due to the fact the CAHSEE is based on 8th grade mathematics and 10th grade English-language arts (1). This demonstrates that passing the test is quite simple to achieve and passing that shows you are ready and prepared to succeed after high school. This test is significant because under any circumstances many jobs will ask if you have passed the CAHSEE. The CAHSEE represents that high school student or high school graduates they are eligible to take off in their career and get a job. This study guide shows students who use the study guide create an effort of passing. This proves that how committed and motivated they are to trying to pass the CAHSEE. The students who have pass the Alfonso 2

CAHSEE has experienced a boost motivation in their life.
However the CAHSEE is unfair to some students because some students are required to take the CAHSEE but they aren’t fluent with English. In the The CAHSEE ensures parents...
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