CAFS IRP - Depression in youth

Topics: Major depressive disorder, Seasonal affective disorder, Suicide Pages: 17 (5603 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Patrick burgess


Depression and its affects of youth
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Depression is a psychiatric disorder characterized by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite, feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, and thoughts of death experienced by an individual for over two weeks and it affects the following needs listed in the Groups in Context unit.8 Methods of data collection: 13

For my third question “Do you know what depression is?” the vast majority (17 out of 20) of my respondents claimed to know what depression was, however, in my fourth question where respondents were asked to define depression, only 6 had a correct definition, this tells me that the term is over used because people do not know what they are referring to and often think that depression is not a very serious disease, most respondents thought it was simply feeling upset.17

100% of the respondents of my survey believed that depression was a disease that existed in society and 13 out of 17 said they thought that the term was over used.17 I included some answers that were not correct in this question to see if respondents were just ticking all of the boxes without paying attention to what was written, and I found that some participants were just ticking all the boxes, but was surprised to find that mostly respondents ticked only some of the boxes, however a lot of respondents ticked incorrect symptoms, I think that this is because a lot of respondents were not actually sure of the symptoms so they just assumed that all of the symptoms listed were correct.19 This question showed me that a large amount of people did believe that it was on the increase, but a lot of those respondents proved to have little knowledge on what depression was, so therefore I cannot use this information to conclude to whether depression is or is not on the increase.20 I also added a “Please explain” to the question to find out what most people thought the causes of the increasing or decreasing were, and I found that all of the people that were unsure as to wether it was on the increase believed that there was more attention placed on the disease and therefore it may be more reported, not necessarily more cases of it.20 This question also showed me that a lot of people believed that the increase in depression is because of the increasing pressure on youths to succeed, however a lot of the respondents who stated this did no tick the “Increased society’s expectations to succeed” box in question 7, this tells me that many of the respondents did not pay attention while doing the questionnaire.20 The responses I received from this question surprised me as I expected nearly all of the respondents to have known someone who had suffered from depression, due to the blasé view of depression that was had by most respondents. In this question I found that although the majority of the respondents had known someone with depression, there was still a lot who had not had first hand experience with it. It is also possible that those people do know people that have been depressed and just not known it.21 I found that in this question that the support services that people were most aware of were those that were most advertised in the media such as Beyond Blue and Kids help line which run advertisements on television as well as sponsor public events.22 I gave a variety of options for respondents to tick from in this question and the results were as follows:23 I found that most people would just prefer to talk to their friend and not seek formal help such as a school counsellor; this tells me that most people may see some formal support services as intimidating and may be too shy to seek help from certain places.23 For my final question I asked respondents what they believed the effects of depression had on youth.24

My research of depression has...
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