Cafe de Coral

Topics: Retirement, Pension, Termination of employment Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: January 11, 2009
Café de Coral provides lots of compensations & benefits to the employees, these are include: Shared Options, Incentive payments, Housing Allowance & Retirement Scheme.

First, shared options are offer to the managerial levels. By providing the shared options to them, they may think or feel that they are not just the staff of the company, but also one of the owners of café de coral. Employees are willing to put more effort towards the company.

Second, if the company has an increase or high profit growth or in the year, all the staffs are guarantee to enjoy the incentive payments at the end of that year. All the staff can share the happiness due to the profit.

Third, Café de coral knows that the price for residential are quite high. So start from 1990, they provide housing allowance to those staffs who worked in the company for more than 3 years. These schemes are provided to all management levels & general staffs. Employees’ family can enjoy from it, too.

Forth, during 1980’s, there did not have any retirement schemes like MPF in Hong Kong. At that time, Café de Coral has started concern about their staffs. They provide a list of retirement scheme for their staffs. These can help to decrease the percentage of resignation of employees as they can receive several amounts of dollar after they retire. It can reduce the employees’ worry about the future.

Among all the four categories, we think that the most outstanding part in the company is – compensation and benefits. By knowing what the staffs need, and try to fulfill them, Café de Coral has a list of compensation and benefits: providing bonus, housing allowance, shared options & retirement plan. These are not just provide to the staffs, but also to their families, and to protect the employees’ future.

Besides, these kinds of rewards can help in attracting new job seekers and also keeping the current employees. Shared options can make the staffs think that they have a close relation with the company...
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