Cafe Cadbury Brand Study

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Café Cadbury
A Cadbury Schweppes Case Study


Cadbury Schweppes has a very extensive history that could date back to the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries when the independent businesses of Schweppes and Cadbury were originated. However, it wasn’t until their merger in 1969 that they started on the road to becoming one of the world’s largest supplies of non alcoholic beverages, and chocolate and sugar confectionery. Over the last 34 years, Cadbury Schweppes has acquired numerous big name products to help increase their market share. Some of these include Dr. Pepper, 7 Up, Snapple, Hawaiian Punch, Hollywood chewing gum and Dentyne. The globalization of the company with the distribution of their products, as well as their shares, has helped to transform Cadbury Schweppes from two separate companies into a billion dollar business. The pilot Café Cadbury was opened on 8th October 2000 in an attractive three-storey 18th century Georgian building in the centre of Bath, a busy tourist destination and World Heritage City. The location was carefully chosen to position the new brand as a premium experience for the discerning customer. Café Cadbury is an exciting all day premium café and gift experience also offering a take-out service on the ground floor.

Mind Mapping

Brand Prism
Physique: As a brand, one can identify Cadbury as a chocolate and dessert. Café Cadbury also offers savory items like baguettes and paninis and a range of coffees.

Personality: Café Cadbury is experimental in nature as it is offering more than just chocolates. It targets adults and children alike and encourages them in indulging in chocolate and non-chocolate items.

Culture: The culture of Cadbury is traditional and European.

Self Image: While consuming the goods, one perceives themselves as relaxed and happy and one can also be focused in such...
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