Topics: Brand, Coffee, Brand management Pages: 4 (1149 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Cafe Coffee Day – Brand Strategy in India

Case Study Contents

1. Introduction
2. CCD – an established brand image in India
3. CCD’s wide network – the anytime, anywhere cafe
4. Exhibit 1: Total number of stores/cafes of Café Coffee Day and its competitors 5. 1996 – 2008, CCD’s first store launch to building a strong competitive advantage 6. Innovative formats to woo new customers

7. Reinforcing brand image with the cluster approach strategy 8. Company-owned stores instead of franchises to not dilute brand value 9. Lower pricing and ‘no-segmentation’ approach
10. From a largely south Indian retail chain to a national brand 11. Co-branding
12. Reinvigorating the brand and taking it to the next level 13. Projecting a feeling of togetherness
14. Silent brew masters – special employee program
15. Background Note (History of Cafe Coffee Day)
16. Café Coffee Day – Quick Facts
17. Exhibit 2: Various store/café formats of Café Coffee Day 18. Exhibit 3: Different divisions of Café Coffee Day
19. Exhibit 4: Brand Logo of CCD and its significance
20. Exhibit 5: Sample Consumer profile by Age group at Café Coffee Day

Case Study Abstract

This case study covers the following issues:
• Examine and analyze Cafe Coffee Day’s brand strategy in India, its success and future challenges


“CCD today has become the largest youth aggregator, and from a marketing stand point, the success has come by focusing on the 3As: Accessibility, Affordability and Acceptability.”- Bidisha Nagaraj, the Marketing president of Cafe Coffee Day “Although demographically, a typical consumer would be male or female between 15-29 years of age, belonging to middle or upper middle class, we call our consumers young or young at heart. We are about juke boxes, good and affordable coffee and food. The brand fit is with youth or the young at heart. So we often look out for brands that are aspirational in nature.”...
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