CAF: Africa Cup of Nations Football Tournament

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Zimbabwe as an African country is capable of compering the African Cup of Nations as the nation have multiple facilities which match the minimum FIFA requirements as well as other social amenities and infrastructural developments to host and compliment an event of this magnitude such that little upgrading will be necessary to impose perfect event environment. Accessibility by air is not an issue in Zimbabwe as we have the functional Harare International Airport among others. An event is a public assembly for the purpose of collaboration, education, marketing, leisure, sports and recreation or reunion. For an event to be successful it has to be well planned and coordinated. According to (Wikipedia 2012), an event planning is the process of organising a festival for ceremonies, parties or conventions. Event planning includes budgeting establishing dates, selecting and reserving event sites acquiring permits and coordinating transport and parking. Also includes some or all of the following depending on the event, developing the theme or motive for the event, organising speakers and alternative speakers, coordinating location, support such as electricity and other utilities, decorations, furniture, security, catering and risk management plans.

Celebrating African talents, feel it! It is here.
To uplift African football talents through sport-
To create a harmonised environment for national and international healing, political integration and unity through football To provide an evaluative platform for the developments of sports tourism and event management around the globe To be leaders in event management as well setting benchmarks for future football tournaments to hosting societies.

A target market is a group of customers that the business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise towards. A well-defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy. The target market and the marketing mix variables of product, place(distribution), promotion and price are the four elements of a marketing mix strategy that determine the success of a product in the marketplace.( ). In this event our stake holders consists of the following Confederation of African Football (CAF), Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA ) world football governing body, Confederation of Southern African Football Association ( COSAFA ) and related government ministries such as Education sports and culture, Tourism and hospitality. Chief executive officers-Zimbabwe Tourism Authority ( ZTA ), Air Zimbabwe, Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe ( HAZ ), Sports and Recreation Commission ( SRC ), Zimbabwe football Association of Zimbabwe ( ZIFA ) Regional tourism organisations representatives , Retired soccer legends as well as football fanatics. An organising committee will be set up for verbal inquiries as well as the overall organization of the event

Spectacular African exhibitions and a musical concert featuring various African artists will precede the tournament. Spectator anxiety is instilled through curtain raisers matches played with respected soccer legends across the globe and junior football squads. This event is a sixteen (16) team football tournament played over 3 weeks. The event will involve group stage matches, quarter-final, semi-final matches and the grand final on the last day of the tournament. Key note addresses will be delivered by the CAF President, who will also declare the event official. LOCATION AND VENUE

The event will be hosted in Zimbabwe –One of the African countries participating in the tournament. The tournament will be played in three cities which are Harare, Bulawayo and Masvingo. Four international standardised stadia will be used. These stadia are the National Sports Stadium and Rufaro Stadium in Harare,...

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