Caesar assasination

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: January 18, 2014
Late afternoon yesterday, on the Ides of March, a true tragedy occurred in Pompey's theatre. In a meeting of the senate, our beloved Roman dictator, Julius Caesar was savagely murdered. He was stabbed to death by a group of repulsive people, the members of the senate. The Senate had become very jealous of how popular Caesar had become, after all, our generous leader helped the needy plebeians when everybody else turned a blind eye. After Caesar had been offered the crown from Mark Anthony, Cassius knew he wanted Caesar dead, and plotted a plan with Brutus. Other members of the Senate were also jealous, so they joined the plan. An eye-witness, who shall not be named, has come forward to tell us what had happened… Cassius told Caesar that there was a meeting in the senate so Mark Anthony had to wait outside. Inside, Cassius pulled Caesar’s cape, and Caesar yelled at him in disgust. It was then when everyone charged at Caesar, plunging their knives into him. The other people, who did not know about this dreadful plan, were very frightened and rushed out the door. There were lots of them going out the door at once so Caesar’s men could not get in to help him. After many stabs, Caesar was very weak; he fell down onto the floor, under his enemy’s statue, Pompey, then Brutus kneeled next to him, and plunged his knife into Caesar, and it finished him. Many people thought Caesar was a very honourable man. He had given his life of luxury to be a solider so he could make a change to Rome and its people. The senate has sure made a big mistake, will the Roman Republic end because of Caesar’s death? Or will there be a civil war?
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