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hree hundred individuals in ten countries and seven business areas are currently involved in the implementation, which will completely restructure Cadbury Schweppes plc, based in Birmingham, UK. This implementation project using e-enabled ERP is known internally as Probe. With the exception of its business development activities, this is the largest project that this organization has ever undertaken.

A sweet chocolate aroma fills the air and heads of thousands of children every year as they pass through the factory buildings that make up Cadbury World. In fact, this fairytale facade effectively conceals the sound contemporary platform on which business processes that are long past their sell-by dates are actually being run. A small half-timbered house that was once the main Cadbury building but now serves merely as a reception area can be seen from the modern office buildings. However, groundbreaking developments were already underway even during these early years. This momentum is still apparent in the organization today and is personified by Simon Ricketts, the chief information officer of Cadbury Schweppes plc.

Ricketts, who has been at Cadbury Schweppes for the last eleven years, is convinced that his organization is creating a new universe and is not afraid to say so. This claim is more than borne out by his focused expos of the project that was initiated almost two years ago. and Project Probe have become the key concepts in one of the largest projects that CS plc has ever undertaken.

Fragmented IT systems were not compatible
Cadbury Schweppes has used IT systems since the 1970s. Its use of SAP as one of a number of ERP systems dates back to 1994. The groups IT infrastructure was fragmented because its growth was largely driven by purchasing other companies in a series of takeovers. The diverse organizations that Cadbury Schweppes acquired and combined as a single group over the years continued to use its existing IT systems. These...
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