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CADBURY(the marketing strategies of Cadbury India Ltd.)

The satisfaction and euphoria that accompany the successful completion of any task is incomplete without the mention of people who made it possible. So I take this as a great opportunity to pen down a few lines about the people to whom my acknowledgement is due. It is with the deepest sense of gratitude that I wish to place on record my sincere thanks …………………………………………………., my project guide for providing me inspiration, encouragement, guidance, help and valuable suggestions throughout the project. I would also like to thank all my respondent for giving me their valuable time and information.



Acknowledgement Page No. 1
Part I
Chapter 1 Abstract Page No. 2
Chapter 2 Introduction Page No. 6
Chapter 3 Agency Profile Page No. 19
Part II
Chapter 4 Research Design Page No. 29
Chapter 5 Servicing Analysis & Interpretation Page No. 34
Chapter 6 Data Analysis Page No. 68
Chapter 7 Finding, Conclusion & Suggestion Page No. 81
Part III
Chapter 8 Appendices & Annexure Page No. 86
Chapter 9 Bibliography Page No. 89


The success of any business entity solely depends on how effectively does it utilizes its optimum resources and how soon does it make arrangements for the removal of the customer’s grievances. Moreover, the company should always be ready to make necessary changes according to the requirements in order to attract more customers so as to maintain a substantial growth in the market. The topic given to me was:

I have tried to put my best efforts to complete this task on the basis of skill that I have achieved during my studies in the institute.

I have tried to put my maximum effort to get the accurate statistical data. If there is any error or any mistake in collecting the data, please correct it in the best way as I am still learning.


The Cadbury’s Inc has taken the opportunity to offer us a broader view of chocolate category. The Cadbury India’s no.1 Chocolate is able to share with their market insights based upon unparalleled breath of chocolate experience. Cadbury has grown from strength to strength with new technologies being introduced to make the Cadbury confectionary business, one of the most efficient in the world. The merge in 1969 with Schweppes and the subsequent development of the business have led to Cadbury Schweppes taking the led in both, the confectionary and soft drink market intech UK and becoming a major force in the international market. Cadbury Schweppes today manufactures product in 60 countries and a trade in staggering 120. The Cadbury story is a fascinating story of a family business that grew in one of the biggest, most loved chocolate brand in the world. A story that you will remember as the story of “The taste of life”.



My main objective of the study on this project is to demonstrate the marketing strategies of Cadbury India Ltd. And to arrive at my findings, I have done few analyses:-
(a) SWOT Analysis
(b) PEST Analysis
And also 5 P’s of Marketing:-
• Product
• Price
• Physical Distribution
• Promotion
• Positioning


Achieving accuracy in any research requires in depth study regarding the subject. As the prime objective of the project is to compare Cadbury with the existing competitors in the market and the impact of Nestle on Cadbury, the research methodology adopted is basically based on primary data via which the most recent and accurate piece of first hand information could be collected. Secondary data has been used to support primary data wherever needed. Primary data was collected using the following techniques 

Questionnaire Method
Observation Method
The main tool used was, the questionnaire method, observation method has been continuous with the...

Bibliography: • A L Ries (1996), “Focus” Harper Collins Publishers Ltd. 
• David A
• David A. Aaker (1996) “Building Strong Brands”, The Free Press.
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