Cadbury Advertisement Recall Report

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A Report on Advertisement Recall of Cadbury Dairy Milk

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Cadbury Dairy Milk encapsulates an enormous breath of emotions, from shared values such as family togetherness, to the personal values of individual enjoyment. It stands for goodness. A moment of pure magic! Domestic Market

Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) entered the Indian market in 1948, and since then for consumers across India, the word Cadbury has become synonymous with chocolate. CDM remains at the top of the Indian chocolate market not only because of its most delicious, best tasting chocolate but also because of its memorable communication.  International Market

In June 1905, in Ireland Cadbury made its first Dairy Milk bar, with higher proportion of milk than previous chocolate bars, and it became the company's best selling product by 1913. Fruit and Nut was introduced as part of the Dairy Milk line in 1928, soon followed by Whole Nut in 1933. By this point, Cadbury's was the brand leader in the United Kingdom. In 1928, Cadbury's introduced the "glass and a half" slogan to accompany the Dairy Milk bar, to advertise the bar's higher milk content. In September 2012, Cadbury made the decision to change the shape of the bar chunks to a more circular shape to keep the bar current. The bar had not seen such a significant change in shape since 1905. International Advertising

Dairy Milk has always tried to keep a strong association with milk, with slogans such as "a glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound" and advertisements that feature a glass of milk pouring out and forming the bar. On 9 March 1976, singer Neil Diamond performed a concert televised throughout Australia during which he did a humorous live commercial for Dairy Milk. This concert, including the ad as a bonus selection, was released on DVD on 1 July 2008. In 2004, Cadbury started a series of television advertisements in the United Kingdom and Ireland featuring a human and an animal (representing the human's happiness) debating whether to eat one of a range of bars including Dairy Milk. Advertising In India

* In the early days, the brand had a huge fan following among kids. In order to build stronger appeal among older age groups, the brand re-positioned itself through the classic ‘Real Taste of Life’ campaign in 1994. * The campaign positioned Cadbury Dairy Milk as the chocolate that awakened the little child in every grown up and very soon, both teenagers and adults, were hooked on to this bar of pure magic. * With the launch of the Rs. 5 pack in 1998, CDM became more affordable and hence more accessible for the masses. * In late 2000 Cadbury renewed their slogan as ‘Khaane Waalon ko khaane ka Bahana Chhayie’ which made consumption into a joyful, social occasion. * In 2004, the `Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’ campaign was launched, seeking to increase CDM consumption by making it synonymous with traditional sweets (Mithai). * With Amitabh Bachchan as the face and voice of the brand, the campaign went on to become a huge success. People could relate to the commercials that were aired to promote Cadbury Dairy Milk. * Also the slogan of `Pappu Pass Ho Gaya’ commercial made a significant impact and raised their brand value. The entire country cheered on as Pappu fell in love in the Pappu Love Test commercial. * After a couple of years came`Miss Palampur’ and the country celebrated the beauty pageant with a difference. * In 2008 The`Kenya’ commercial that was aired celebrated the spirit of cricket and that of true sportsmanship. * In 2009, they aired another commercial under the `Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’ platform, called the `Pay Day’ commercial. * In the year 2010, the `Shubh Aarambh’ campaign was launched, drawing lines from the traditional Indian...

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