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Takeover of Cadbury by Kraft in 2010
Cadbury is a brand which is producing many sweet products and is always having a best position among the consumers. People love to eat its products. It’s one of the factory was Somerdale in UK. Due to some reasons Cadbury decided to shift this factory and let it be close. Kraft declared that it is making a deal with Cadbury in Set, 2009 and on Jan. 19, 2010 and buy Cadbury  for £11.5bn.Cadbury accepted the proposal. This takeover took place because of a reason that Cadbury’s Somerdale is a factory which was set aside to the act of closing. This factory was closing due to the shifting of factory from UK to Poland. Kraft point out was that the factory will never be close and it will make efforts not to close that. All the important functions were performed to get the factory in the possession of Kraft. This movement became the reason for the takeover of Cadbury to Kraft. Cadbury’s products:

Cadbury has launched a large number of products. It has made an excellent position all over the world and has given the employment to many people since many years. It has provided many advantages to the environment, consumers, and workers. It is running since a long time and always fulfil the standards of success. Cadbury is one of the brands which follow Research and development and win the consumer likes. Speaking about the investment in Cadbury, Trevor Bond said:

“In Sheffield we have our largest sugar manufacturing facility in Europe” Cadbury run its business according to the customer and make products according to their taste because a profitable is mainly based upon the consumers. These are the consumer who makes the brand success or failure. There are so many assets with the Cadbury and they had the continuity of invention and innovation. All the steps in manufacturing were taken according to the innovation. There are a large number of varieties of products of Cadbury. The products of Cadbury are:

* Dairy Milk
* Milka
* Toblerone
* Terry's
* Creme Egg
* Green & Black's
* Marabou
* Lacta and many others.
Kraft Foods:
Kraft food is the second largest company of food which is producing many valuable products for their consumers. It has launched many varieties of food. Kraft earning revenue was also good. It had remarkable position in the world and it is running is its business in 160 countries. Some of the products of Kraft are: Philadelphia cheese, Oreo Biscuits, Trident gum and many others. Employment values:

Cadbury has given a lot to the world, many facilities were provided such as houses, schools, shops by its factories. It was clear that as Cadbury want to close the factory, so if the factory got closer, then the workers would also have to be jobless who has the concern with that factory, but on the other hand Kraft said that it will carry on the functions of the factory and the employment of people will also not change. Cadbury didn’t thought about the workforce and employees who were working in the factory as the relation between workers/employees and employers. But Kraft made efforts that no one must lose the hope and all the factory employees must continue their jobs which it had done by giving all the facilities to employees. Reaction of Cadbury employees:

The workers of the factory were not in a wish to take over the Cadbury to Kraft. They were thought by takeover, no change will come. They have been engaged with Cadbury for many years. They were feeling bad about this event because they had a strong relation with the employers and the other team. They were getting many opportunities. The people were working in Cadbury for many years were insisting to take any other decision but not takeover. Employees were not feeling secure because of this change. They were having the fear that they will get jobless and they will never get such a pleasant environment in which they were working of Cadbury. Relationship between employees and...

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